Our services


B- convenient prices


Ensuring direct management from producer to end customer the final cost of our products is competitive.

For lots of great quantity, offers will be evaluated from time to time to provide the best convenience for your company and then a durable collaboration.

C- maintenance


PHE THERMAL SRL is organizing its technicians to effectively address this need and therefore able to track the customer even after the sale.

PHE THERMAL SRL anyway ensures the quickness in replacing both of heat exchangers plates assembled that their components.


To your company we ensure:

A- promptness inthe delivery


Exchangers for up to 13 PHE model our company ensures the delivery into 24 hours; other models require more attention, given the sizes, so we need to assess from time to time the availability of stock and therefore their effective date of delivery.

D- assistance

In case of need we are able to intervene and ensure the continuity of our products.

Thanks to the service desk PHE THERMAL Srl.