Our mission

We are producers of high quality plate heat exchangers, we have gained such as experience in the heat exchanging that we are able to tackle the most varied topics that daily face on the job.


Phe Thermal offer a wide range of model for heat exchanging; it can also do maintenance and production of mould of semifinished products for plate heat exchangers.

The mission of Phe Thermal and of his staff is to follow the customer in every step of sale, from the request of personalized offers, to their sizing, to the complete fulfillment.


We operate on the market with maximum flexibility, often going to design customized solutions for the specific needs of each customer.

Our staff is friendly and trained and so makes the relationship between the companies clear and open to any specific request. The company organization is specialized in offering his products in the shortest possible time.

With this range of expertise, the company acts as a single source to fulfill all your needs, offering competitive advantage and value for money.

PHE THERMAL SRL is then quick response to every need of heating, cooling, and thermal transfer.

Progetto aziendale cofinanziato con le risorse del POR CRO Regione Liguria 2007-2013

PHE THERMAL  srl Unipersonale
Sede legale e produttiva: via Pillea 9 - 16153 Genova
Tel.: +39 010 8686585 
E-mail: vendite@phe.ge.it
C.F. P.IVA 01184910998 - CCIAA GE 390646 - R.I. GE 2001-6172
UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 
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